Implant Bar Overdentures

Our Bar Overdentures are fabricated by using CAD/CAM precision milled titanium bars or cast metal hader bars using attachments. The advantage with Bar Overdentures is even occlusal load weight distribution across all implants. Bar Overdentures are ideal for patients with a heavy bite or in instances when the implants have been placed in softer bone. Patients have less or no sore spots with implant retained Overdentures.


Patients will have less or no sore spots with implant retained Overdentures
Bars are precision milled using surgical grade titanium for exacting fit, extreme durability, and are light weight
They are fabricated using CAD/CAM technology with predictable results
Available for a wide variety of implant systems
Improves denture retention, function and speech


Adequate ridge and prosethesis will be tissue-borne with the implants providing retention
Patients with a heavy bite and when implants have been placed in the softer bone.


Patients in a poor general state of health or with medical problems such as; uncontrolled bleeding disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, weakened immune system, titanium allergy or uncontrollable endocrine disorders

ADA Insurance Codes

D6055 Connecting Bar – Implant Supported or Abutment Supported (Utilized to stabilize and anchor a prosthesis)