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Ezcad Dental Lab utilizes the highest quality, FDA registered materials to fabricate our products.

Crown & Bridge

PFM crown and bridge restorations offer the ideal combination of durability and esthetics for long-lasting restorations. Available in a wide range of options for every indication, PFM metal-ceramic solutions have stood the test of time, bringing unsurpassed strength and durability to the realm of dental restorations.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations have been a mainstay of prosthetic dentistry for more than half a century. PFMs work well as single units and bridges designed by your preferences for each case. Ezcad Dental Lab offers the best crown and bridge restorations in PR.

Acrylic Complete Dentures

Ezcad’s complete dentures are comfortable and functional having a life-like smile that embodies your patient’s facial characteristics and desires.

Our standard denture is processed with Dentsply QC-20 and is available in light pink (default), light meharry, and medium meharry shades. Our premium dentue is processed using Lucitone 199®, which is the gold-standard denture acrylic in the industry. With its unsurpassed strength and aesthetics, Lucitone 199 is simply the best.

Implant Abutments

Ezcad provides you with many choices for implant abutments, beginning with generic or authentic components. Authentic components are used in our premium implant line and generic components are used in our standard line. The choice Is yours!

We offer stock implant abutments, custom hybrid abutments, custom milled titanium abutments and zirconia abutments matched with a complete line of restorative options to meet your patient’s needs.

About EzCad Dental Lab

Ezcad Dental Lab is a full range dental laboratory service located in Aguada Puerto Rico. Our partner labs are fully trained in today’s state-of-the-art dental fabrications, from simple crown and bridge cases to a complicated full mouth reconstruction.

Ezcad understands that managing a dental practice is challenging, and it’s our mission as a dental prosthetic provider to assist you. Our customer service team and sales representatives stand ready to serve you.

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