Porcelain Fused to Metal

PFM crown and bridge restorations offer the ideal combination of durability and esthetics for long-lasting restorations. Available in a wide range of options for every indication, PFM metal-ceramic solutions have stood the test of time, bringing unsurpassed strength and durability to the realm of dental restorations. Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations have been a mainstay of prosthetic dentistry for more than half a century. PFMs work well as single units and bridges designed by your preferences for each case. Ezcad Dental Lab offers the best crown and bridge restorations in PR.


Tried and true.
Strength and durability.
Good for large-span bridges.
Precision attachments


Ideal restoration for anterior and posterior crown and bridge. Cases requiring precision attachments or when minimal inner occlusal space is available.


Highly aesthetic cases with minimal prep reduction.


Any resin modified glass ionomer luting agent.


Any margin style, ideally 1.5 mm of inner occlusal space for optimum aesthetics.

Types of alloys

The metal substructure of a PFM can be made out of any one of a number of dental alloys such as.High Noble White – Precious Noble alloys – Semi-precious.Base – Non-precious.

ADA Insurance Codes

D2750 – Crown – porcelain fused to high noble metal
D2751 – Crown – porcelain fused to predominately base metal
D2752 – Crown – porcelain fused to noble metal