Customer Testimonials

Here's what dentists in Puerto Rico are saying about Ezcad Dental Lab. We listen closely to our customers’ needs and respond with proven effective solutions. We invite you to discover more how Ezcad can benefit your dental practice and your patients. Contact our offices today and we will get you started immediately.

Recent Customer Testimonials:


Dra. Daphne Torres

“I have been using Ezcad Dental Lab for about 4 years now and cannot say enough good things about the quality of work and the great customer service I receive.  If I need any technical support I am always able to talk to John or the support team and get great advice with just a phone call. 

The chair-time I need to spend on my deliveries is minimum. Their crowns usually need very little or no adjustments at all. Whenever I have a case that doesn’t go as wanted they are always willing to work with me until the case is successfully completed. That kind of support means a lot. 

Ezcad delivers quality products in a reasonable time and at a highly competitive pricing. They have definitely gained my confidence and have helped me gain the confidence of my patients. Thank you, Ezcad, “

Daphne Torres, DDS, Vieques, PR



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